Ripley and twin doe kids

Goat Knoll - Cashmere goats and cashmere fiber from an Oregon farm

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Welcome to Goat Knoll
An Oregon farm with cashmere goats, sheep and farm products to sell (and tales to tell)

Goat Knoll Farm is our corner of paradise nestled on the east side of the coastal hills just beyond a busy world. The farm (established 1995) is located south of Dallas, Oregon, 20 miles west of Salem. Cashmere goats and Shetland sheep have roamed our hillsides for 25 years years, producing beautiful cashmere and wool as well as trimming up the farm's ample supply of blackberries, scotch broom and poison oak.

Our cashmere goats and registered Shetland sheep thrive on natural forage. We harvest and process their beautiful fleeces to make them ready for spinning or already spun into wonderful yarns for knitting, crochet, felting or weaving.

Products available from our farm include cashmere goats, registered Shetland sheep, cashmere and Shetland wool roving for spinning, cashmere and Shetland wool yarn, kntting kits for creating your own special cashmere or wool garments and sometimes a few handmade items.

Our Next Outing

We will have our cashmere products in the Northwest Cashmere Association vendor booth at Black Sheep Gathering, Albany oregon June 28 - 30, 2024.

Cashmere goats and double rainbow

Linda and helpers with goats waiting to show

NWCA cashmere goat show at OFFF 10/15/22 - Goat Knoll kids waiting for their turn in the show ring

Also available on this site:

General Information about Goat Knoll Farm and what we produce

Basic information about cashmere goats

Goats for sale - Our 2024 kids are mostly here - 19 so far. So far, it's a boy year! Of the 19, only 4 are girls. Bummer! All of our doe kids are reserved. There are still a few wethers for sale (one brown, several silver). These will be weaned and available after May 30th.

Shetland sheep for sale - We have a few young registered ewes and rams for sale. Check with us for details. This year's lambs will be weaned early July.

Farm Store - How to purchase our products. This page includes a link to our online farm store as well as our current schedule for shows and events. From the online farm store, you can purchase cashmere roving and yarn and Shetland wool roving and yarn, knitting kits and sometimes a few special handmade items. From the farm, or at a show we attend, you can also purchase Shetland sheep fleeces which have been washed and carded, ready to spin.

Resources a plethora of inormation for cashmere goat owners or prospective owners. These resources includes links to Cashmirror Magazine (a monthly magazine about cashmere goats published from 10/89 - 11/03). So far, the 7/96-11/03 issues are available, with an alpha index. Also, the oldest issues (10/89-12/92) are available. We are still working on 1/93-6/96.

Goat Knoll Blog - what's happing on the farm now. Well, truthfully, it's not very current right now. For current happenings, follow the farm Facebook posts.

Contact information for the folks on the farm

Shetland wool fleeces ready to spin

Shetland wool fleeces - washed and carded, ready to spin. Shetland roving for spinning in 4 oz balls can be purchased from our online store, at the farm, or at local events we attend. The wool batt above can be purchased from the farm or events we attend.

Shetland wool yarn

Shetland wool yarn - some available from our online store, but most available from the farm or events we attend.

cashmere doe herd in snow Feb 2023
New cashmere kids and does March 2023
Doe herd February 2023. They're not cold; they have cashmere!

New kids 2023, born 2/23-2/28/23

We're glad you stopped by to visit!

Goat Knoll Farm, 2280 S Church Rd, Dallas, OR 97338

phone 503-623-8575

Site last updated - May 28, 2024
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