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CashMirror Magazine

Cashmirror magazine was published monthly by Goat Knoll Farm and others for 14 years, from 10/1989 to 11/2003. The magazine was specific to cashmere goats. It includes articles about cashmere goat management, farm features, research articles and some things just for fun. Some of the information is dated and advertising is fairly irrelevant, but lots of good cashmere goat information and history is contained here. We are in the process of scanning the issues. They will be listed here for you as we scan them in. So far, all of the issues that are included in the index have been digitized. We are working our way through the older issues as time allows.

Index by issue date (for the 7/96-11/03 issues)

Alpha index by subject (for the 7/96 - 11/03 issues)

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The Older Cashmirror Issues: 10/89 - 6/96 The articles in these issues are not included in the above indexes. Articles are listed below each issue date

October 1989
What is a Cashmere Goat?, Registry vs. Production Records, Richardson Receives Grant, Our Own Tassie Devil (Greenmount Cashmeres, Eddington, Australia), Cashmere Introduced to America (Darrah/Scheutze)

November 1989
Cashmere Producers Hold Annual Convention (Texas), Forte Announces 1990 Cashmere Prices, Breeding Cashmere in Australian Goats (research), Buck Knows Best, Cashmere in the 1990's by Amicale, Quantity and Quality Question, Hoof Trimming, Our Own Tassie Devil (Eddington, Australia), Purcella's History of AI in Goats, Choosing a Buck or Buying Semen for Genetic Gains

December 1989
Prospects for Cashmere in the 1990's (Dawson), 2 articles on the International Cashmere Conference in Australia, Guard Against Dogs with Dogs, Toxoplasmosis in Goats, Feeding your Buck, How to Write a USDA/SBIR Research Grant, Heat and Gestation Date Calculations for Goats

January 1990
Feeding for Two or Three (kids), Commitments, Goals and Objectives, This is Retirement? (Airy Knoll, Jensens, Nebraska), SBA Farm Financing, Our Own Tassie Devil (Eddington, Australia), Cashmere Handle, Teeth Grinding, Yeast in Relation to Bloat, Embryo Implant Update

February 1990
Inheritance of Cashmere in Australian Goats (research), She's Kidding!, Doc Bogart: Australian Goats and Kidding, Handspinning Cashmere, When I Say "Goats" to my Banker, I Mean Business, CAPRA Goes to the National Western Stock Show

March 1990
The Ruminant Stomachs, Report on International Conference, Cashmere Markets Remain Positive, Help for the Doe in Trouble, What Kills Goats? - A New Zealand Study, Doc Bogart: Selection of Cashmere Goats, Sun Rise Cashmeres (Driscoll, California), History of Yarrum Cashmere Herd (Murray, Tasmania)

April 1990
Growing a Cashmere Industry (Amicale), Kids R Us (R=Raising), Whatever Happened to Elmer?, Selecting for Overall Genetic Merit, Training a Guard Dog, Land O' Lakes Develops Cashmere Feed, Frothy Bloat, (Imported) Cashmere Goats Settle Into the USA, Happy Herdsman (Mary Peck), Colorado Cashmere Breeder (Blue Rock Ranch, Nelson), Goat Widow's Tale

May 1990
Thwarting the Worms, Autumn Down Under (Australia), CAPRA Board Meeting Photos, Feed Sunflower Seeds and Sea Kelp

June 1990
Antimicrobial Therapy, Working with your Vet, Market Report (Australian Cashmere Growers Assn), Champagne Cashmeres (Faulkner/Hochee, Oregon), Doc Bogart - Environment and Genetics, Bo-SE Alert, Cashmere Down Under (Tasmania), Bacterial and Viral Diseases, Feeding so that Does will Kid in Daylight Hours, Is CAE Transmissible by Buck Semen?

July 1990
Veterinary Advice, Sheep, Lambs and Wool American Style, Cashmere Breeding in New Zealand, Abscesses and Dairy Goats, Cashmere Down Under (Eddington, Australia), How to Monitor Your Feeding Program, Goats Get no Respect from Hotel, Newspaper at ADGA Convention, Managmeent Procedures to Maximise Cashmere Production, Dancing School (shearing sheep and goats), American Breeders Cashmere Company (Jackman, Vernor & Funderburgh, Texas), Yersiniosis-A Threat to Young Goats in Winter

August 1990
The Effects of Using Bucks with Coarse Fiber, Take the Kinder (goat) Plunge, Doc Bogart - Chromosomes and Genes in Animals, What Does an Association do for Me? (CaPrA), The Economics of Cashmere (McGuire), Cashmere Comes to Pioneer Mountain Farm (Dooling, Montana), American Growers Step in the Right Direction Conference

September 1990
Gizmos to Make Life Easier, Thoughts on Abscesses, Selecting Post Kidding Uterine Therapy, "Greens" Turning their Attention to Textiles, New Era in American Fleece-Wool Production, Relief That (Wool) Floor-Price Uncertainty is Over, Fire Fighters Want Goats Not Mowers, Cascade Cashmere (Richardson, Washington), Cashmere Down Under (Eddington, Australia)

November 1990
Forte Announces 1991 Fiber Prices, Drench Resistance Threat to Goat Farming, Coping with Drench Resistance, 2 articles - Whatawhata Fiber Testing (New Zealand), New Zealand Roundup, Healthy Rumen Means a Healthy Goat, Blue Sky Cashmere (Stock & Waters, Oregon)

December 1990
Cashmere Classic at Stock Show Denver, Recipe-Goat in Plum Sauce, US/Mongolia Camel-Hair Venture, Three Year Plan for Cashmere in Scotland, Cashmere Testing Agreement Extends to China, Scottish Woolens, Fashion Shades in Cashmere, Cashco Goats America (Schuetze/Darrah)

January 1991
Winterize Your Goats, What is Fecal Egg Counting?, Goat=A Natural Herbicide, Cashmnere Down Under (Eddington, Australia), New Cashmere Line Specifications, Promoting Goats, Chivo Negro (Cox, Arizona)

February 1991
Kids are Too Darned Cute, Security (Predation), Histograms of Young Goats, Ladakh Cashmeres (Vickers, Australia), What's in a Name?, Interpretation of Fleece Test Results, National Western Stock Show Cashmere Results

March 1991
Advice to Prospective Cashmere Goat Producer (Schuetze/Syfan), Shearing Cashmere Goats, Veterinary Forum-Preparing for Kidding, After Shearing Spin or Knit a Scarf, Pattern for Quick Cashmere Scarf, Rossway Goat Holder, Le Chateau de' La Chevre (The Castle of the Golden Goat), TCA Sale/Show Results

April 1991
Dual Purpose Goats, Marketing Meat Goats, Surprising Way to Dye Your Handspun, Veterinary Forum-Poisonous Plants, Animal Protection Act, Nellie (Story About Predation), China-A Cashmere Adventure, Recipe-Leg of Cabrito

May 1991
Cashmere Without Cash (Harris, Nebraska), Our Role as Protectors of Goats, Terrorists in the Northwest (dogs), Frozen Embryos Come Alive, Embryo Transfer, Spring Weaver, Veterinary Advice (selenium)

June 1991
Marketing your Cashmere Goats, Training a Guardian Dog, USDA Lists Predator Losses, American Cashmere Goat Marketing Cooperative Gets Funded, Goat For It (eating goat), Introduction to Genetics, Veterinary Advice-Vitamins and Feeding

July 1991
ACGMC Announces Winners of 1991 Fleece Competition, Chevon Menu-Old Fashioned Chevon Soup, Advertising-Getting Your Money's Worth, Comments on Farm Subsidies, Evaluating Health & Disease, Cashmere Research Seminary and Open Day in Australia, Veterinary Advice-Urinary Calculi

August 1991
Cashmirror Breeders' Showcase 1991, Veterinary Forum-Skin Disease, Cascade Cashmere to Offer Dehairing Services

September 1991
Cshmirror's 3rd Birthday, Ag Facts, Fleece Loss (in summer), Buying Hay - Decisions, Get your Dogs before the Attack, Buck Record Form, Tattoo the Right Way

October 1991
Farm Facts, Photographing your Investment, Bought and Sold Blue Sky to Rainbow Ridge (Oregon), Where Can you Get your Feed and Farm Products Tested, A Firm Footing, Instructions for Jet Setting Kids, New Zealand Fiber House (Whatawhata) Visits Pacific NW and information about test results, Flock Health Medication/Vaccination Program for Goats

November 1991
Just Molly and Me (Guard dog story), What Handspinners Want when they Buy Raw Cashmere, 4-H Starts Multi-Club Endeavor (with cashmere), Potassium, the Third Mineral, MAF Research New Zealand, Fiberfest 1991, Drugs Commonly Used for Sheep and Goats

December 1991
News from Canada, Artificial Breeding Notes, Causes of Abortion in Goats, Lesson from Down Under (State of Industry), Care of the Young Buck

January 1992
CaPrA Holds Conference in Missouri, You Can Feed a Goat Just about Anything, Selecting the Livestock Guardian Puppy, Nutrient Guide for Cashmere Goats, Recipe-Leg of Lamb "Boulangere"

February 1991
Genetic Parameters from Cashmere Goats (Whatawhata Research Center, New Zealand)

March 1992
Brief History of US Cashmere (Paulin), Polioencephalomalacia, National Western Stock Show Cashmere Show Results, Cashmere Tips (Stutz), No Second Cuts Please!, Texas Cashmere Association Cashmere Show Results

April 1992
Prices for a Goat, Property Rights, Wetland, Home Mixed Feeds, Birth Defects

May 1992
Lap Goats, Russia Receives CashMirror, Effects of Diet on Guard Dogs, Cashmere America, Northwest Cashmere Association Sponsors Fiber Workshop, Veterinary Notes, Salt and Trace Minerals, Pastures for Goats

June 1992
Put your Buck in the Tank, Cashmere in the UK, Coccidia in Goats, Understanding Fiber Measurement (Part 1), Civil Rights Act Applies to Farmers, Court Curbs EPA's Wetlands Regulatory Authority, AI at Arboretum Farm (CA)

July 1992
Lumps, Bumps and Other, Cashmere Fiber, Controlling Flies without Chemicals, Understanding Fiber Measurement (Part 2)

August 1992
More Lumps and Bumps, Vet Advice, Use of Superior Sires for AI, Fiber Measurement (Part 3), Fleece Testing 1992/93, Fiber Blending

September 1992
Why I Don't Kiss my Goats on the Lips (soremouth), The Inside Story (of a goat), Scottish Fleece Competition Results, Understanding Fiber Measurement (yet more), Control of Biting Louse, Dermatitis in Dairy Goats, Caution of Ivermectin on Sheep Dogs

October 1992
CshMirror Begins 4th Year, Cashmere 4-H Wether Wins $700 prize (Colorado), CashMirror Index 1989-1992 (not alpha, only listing of articles), Livestock Guardian Dogs - Puppy Related Rough Play Behavior, Proof of the Pudding (choosing breeding bucks)

November 1992
Breeders' Showcase - breeder ads, USDA/SBIR Cashmere Test Farms listing, NWCA member list, ECA member ads

December 1992
CaPrA 5th annual conference report (Texas), Record Keeping including forms, Gift Business, New Zealand Feature Farmer - Cashmere Gold


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