Ripley and twin doe kids

Goat Knoll - Cashmere goats and cashmere fiber from an Oregon farm

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Goats for Sale



Adult Buck for sale


cashmere adult Buck Stan Lee

Fernhill Stan Lee

Fernhill Stan Lee, born 2020. We bought him as a kid, but have not yet used him for breeding. He is a smallish buck and has a fine, crimpy fleece. He is even-tempered and manageable. If he is not sold this summer, we will use him on some of our does for breeding this fall. Price $300.


Kid does for sale

cashmere doe and kids

Gwanda (above right and below) with her sister and mother

DOB 3/5/22

cashmere kid Gwanda

Doe Kids - We have one doe kid available for sale. She was born March 5, 2022.



cashmere kids June and Wing

June (left) and her sister Wing. DOB 3/3/22



cashmere kids Arachne and Dorcas

Arachne and Dorcas, DOB 2/18/22



Kid wethers for sale

cashmere goat wether Kanu

Kanu (in center) DOB 3/3/22

We have 2 kid wethers for sale - both are silver.



cashmere goat wether - Gribelin

Gribelin, DOB 3/4/22

Goat Prices Generally, our goat prices are: Kid wethers: $250, Doe kids: $500, Adult does: $700-800. Bred does - price of doe + $75. Bucks - individually priced. Costs of veterinary check for transport across state lines and shipping costs to be paid by customers. Goat deposit
Other Important Stuff We sell bred does only during their first three months of pregnancy - we don't like to stress them with a move in late pregnancy. We breed our goats in September or October each year. Kids are generally born in February and weaned in May. Free delivery of goats available if the distance is not too far. We define "too far" variably, depending on how busy we are and the current price of gas.

Updated July 1, 2022

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