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Goat Knoll Online Store General Information

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Welcome to the Goat Knoll online store. This is a listing of most of the fiber products we currently have for sale. Included here is yarn, roving, knitting kits and sometimes a few handmade items. Products from our farm include cashmere and Shetland wool. Products vary from time to time depending on what our animals are producing and what we've had time to get ready for sale. Some of our yarns are mill spun and some hand spun. All dyed yarns are hand-dyed on the farm. So, shop around and see what you can find. Contact us with any questions you have. We also have a stash of Shetland wool yarn and batt (whole fleeces) ready to spin. These are sold from the farm or at events we attend. Contact us if you are interested in these or have questions: lindafox@fibergoat.com

Please note: Our $6.50 standard shipping per order only applies to orders shipped to US destinations. For out of country orders, please contact us before you order for additional shipping charges.

Store last updated: July 8, 2024